2. "One only has to look at the present state of Man’s world, at the inadequacies of Man’s treatment of Man, and see how far we must go if we are to survive as a progressing species with better control of our battling animalistic superstitious levels."
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    Making it rain sparkles and blood last night at Dirty Dime, doing my last show in NOLA tonight in Blue Book at Lucky Pierres! 9:30! Photo by Jon Gunnar #sideshow #burlesque #marlomarquise #nolaburlesque #nolasideshow

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    Jean Börlin. Man and his Desire. 1920s.


  7. Some songs can become quite uncanny when you hear the vocals only with no musical context.

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    Side two of Lucifer Rising by Jimmy Page

    1. Incubus
    2. Damask
    3. Unharmonics
    4. Damask - Ambient
    5. Lucifer Rising - Percussive Return

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    Eugene Delacroix - Lycurgus Consulting the Pythia

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    English UFO hoaxers